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    ...Yeah. More thingies...You can fix them if you want...


    I know this isn't a glitch as such. It's just this forest entrance uses upward arrows instead of moving you upwards and warping you, like all the others.

    This person gives you TM41 and says it's Torment, but in this game it's Dragon Claw.

    I remember in Hevah Academy, one instructor said Angeallen was in the east, and Devihel was in the west. Just change the one that's wrong.

    In pretty much all of the houses, you can't walk left onto that tile, but you can walk on to the tile every other way.

    Master Rank Contest Hall, Verdanturf isn't in this game.

    Hyper Rank Contest Hall, stagey-area through the doorways...

    (I have a copy of my game saved before the Vessel fight.) Spelling error.

    Boulder City. Walking under doormat thing.

    Border visible.

    I'm not sure if this is possible to fix, and might be caused by a bad patch error...
    But, yeah...Just wanted to share.

    (Note-The above picture with a glitchy part of the Safari Zone is a new file. I'm playing it again! ^-^