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Originally Posted by double trouble! View Post
Fizz is definitely worth it.
However, his early game is a bit weak.
As you get more items, he becomes a killing machine.
I can't pull off a 25 kill game with any other champion atm.
Btw his early game is not weak, you can tower dive kills at lvl 3-4. Thats strong early game.

Fizz is ridiculous. I've never gone under 3 - 1 kdr with him. my best being like 26-2-30 my worst being like 9-3-6. And that's playing in ranked and lvl 30 games. I would have to say I'm pretty unstoppable with, but most people are I guess.

I usually play jungle or support in ranked games though cause no one likes fizz on a team. Sonas a fun support and I love jungling with Fiora. Ah good times good times.
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