Thread: B2/W2: Evil team change?
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    Originally Posted by Requility View Post
    But we don't know he isn't. Yes he could be there for the tournament but he could also be there for another reason, otherwise they could have just used Blue for that particular role. As for the gingers, well, yeah that's true, but it could be ex-team Plasma members recruited for TR in Unova since they're native to the land.

    Edit: So due to the design of...

    Compared to...

    These guys are actually Plasma? No new evil team then.
    If that is Plasma's new look then I love it! Way more than that knight/hoody stuff they wore.
    I'd love to see Team Rocket, being an old nostalga fan, I'd just jump for joy and let out high pitched screams but I think they should be saved for the next main series game. Let Plasma have their moment here as this is B&W2 and they should have the part in this one.
    Still throw in a few Rocket refrences and hopefully a battle with Giovanni and some grunts as some side story thing after beating the main story.
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