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    (Felix Veturius - Somewhere in the north-east of Cyrodiil)

    Felix heard large feet continuing to stomp behind him. It was to his surprise that an ogre could actually run that fast. With their bulky size, he had expected to have outrun the beat long ago, but the chase continued. The sound of each step the ogre took resonated through the ground, and left clear marks of trampled grass and flowers on the ground. Felix was unsure just how close he was, but he couldn't be drawing this sprint for too long. The imperial mage was panting and sweating, while still not an inch closer to escaping the wrath of the ogre behind him. "Me smash puny little human!" the dull blue creature shouted. He was clearly ticked off about Felix stumbling upon the cave he called home, and to then proceed wrecking the place.

    Felix knew that, if he couldn't outspeed his opponent, he'd have to come up with another strategy. The hilly landscape provided him with a number of options, but a rocky outcrop, with a narrow fissure, just wide enough for him to hide in, was a viable hiding place. He dashed forward to it, not caring how close the ogre already was to him. If he was out of reach, he'd be safe. He tucked himself into the hiding spot and hoped that for how dim-witted the ogre was, he wouldn't be able to get to him, or even know he was in a hiding place. The steps got closer, however, the vibrations drilling through his eardrums. He grabbed hold of his iron dagger, and reached for a small vial which he had clipped onto his belt.

    "Where you go! Come here!" Given how loud that sounded, Felix figured the ogre was extremely ticked off right now, and on top of that incredibly close to his hiding spot. He tried to breathe as silently as possible to not give away his presence. He uncorked the vial, a whispy green smoke coming from it. He drenched his dagger in the liquid, and waited for his moment to strike.

    "No hide. No want to play hide and seek. It's stupid game for children, coward." The ogre taunted him. He stuck out a hand into the crack in the rocks where Felix had sheltered himself. He now stood face to face with the large blue hand, easily thrice the size of his head. With his dagger now drenched in the green liquid, he stung into the hand like a wasp. The Ogre let out a loud yell in agony as he retracted his hand. Felix hoped the poison would be enough to slow the beast down as he escaped from his hiding place and resumed his run. He figured his best bet was to go to the closest town from here, Cheydinhal.
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