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Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post

Anyway, it is looking epic. Population at half a million? XD
Your little people have been busy! :P
Yes I do suck and yes they have been busy! Anyway, have another update!

Update 8 - Donavann Changes Some More:

I actually did this stuff prior to compiling the stats for the region, so that population there is the final product of these projects. I re-did the highway mess, added some land, and added an airport!


First up, the airport! All the stuff you see here is going to be replaced by the airport within a short sim-year.

And this is what the area looks like after the airport has been built! It also has been the beneficiary of some of the highway reconstruction going on in other areas of the city.

Next up is some more land reclamation done near Downtown Donavann! Initially, this was done to make room for the airport, but it was soon realized that would not be a good location at all and that it would be quite expensive to reclaim and flatten enough land for the airport by the river.

And finally, we have the highway network reconstruction! Below is an overview of all the changes made. It's much tidier than that previous tangled mess of a system that was there before.

Here we have a closer-in view of the industrial portion of the highway reconstruction. Traffic was horrible through this area, which is why the highways through here got denser than they were. To make room for all the highways, the railway through here also got a major re-route.

And that's all I got for pictures for now. I will have to actually play the game again to get some more screenshots made.
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