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Haj-Julan, "Reptile-in-Shadows" - The West Weald, Near Skingrad

Reptile moves slowly, silently forward. His bowstring is pulled taut, his target is within sight. He pauses, holding his breath, his vision sharpening as adrenaline courses through his veins. Time seems to slow as he follows his target's movements, letting the arrow fly when his prey stops to scratch it's ear. The arrow pierces the wolf's neck, severing it's spine and dropping the wolf dead. The two wolves nearby look up at the sound of the released string and thud of impact.

Reptile stands, his cover blown as the wolves catch his scent. He takes half a second to aim, shooting the closer wolf in the chest. It staggers back as it's partner rushes forward. Reptile nocks and fires another arrow into the wounded wolf's chest, killing it.

He quickly stashes his bow against his back, drawing his war axe and dagger. He dodges to the side as the wolf leaps for him, slicing it's side with his dagger. Undeterred by this small injury, the wolf turns and stands it's ground. Reptile faces it down, stepping back to avoid it's snapping jaws. He swings his axe downwards, chopping of part of the wolf's ear. As it whines in pain, Reptile presses his advantage, moving in for the kill. He ducks low, stabbing his dagger up through the wolf's jaw, pinning it's mouth shut. He moves around, burying his axe in it's skull, dropping it to the ground.

After taking a second to make sure the wolf is dead, he recovers his weapons and arrows, then hauls the three wolves to a nearby rock. Glancing up at the setting sun, she quickly skins the wolves, hanging their pelts up to dry. He makes a quick meal out of the wolf corpses, then settles down to check his map. By his calculations, the Wayshrine of Akatosh is only a few hours' march Northwest of his current location. As good a place to start his search as any, he would have been there already if he hadn't agreed to hunt down the wolf pack. He sighs, curling up under the warm rock, letting the last rays of the sun strike his back. He'd make it there tomorrow, content with the knowledge that wolf attacks would be slightly less common now.
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