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    Maverick Renos
    Location: Council Meeting Room

    The Council looked at the assembled Knights. Fergo frowned, "Maverick, where is Ludo and Alice?" Maverick looked up at the Gengar, "Sir, Ludo is currently back at the enclave cleaning up the trash and will collapse the cave we found it in. Alice... is currently on a mission. Ribibin has been temporarily charged with her position until she returns."

    Fergo stared at the Weavile and nodded, "Very well. What did you find in the enclave?"

    Maverick held out the disc, "We believe that this is their map. We do not know how to read it but we have taken two prisoners from the enclave, a Nuzleaf who is a part of their army and a Timburr who was a civilian there. My Knights are already transporting them to the prison to start the interrogations."

    Fergo nodded wearily, "Very good Maverick."

    There was some silence before the Gengar spoke again, "As you have noticed, Matthew is not among us. A group of Mechanist forces managed to teleport into the area and stormed our office. They attempted to slaughter us in cold blood and when that plan did not work out they instead used their technology to disable us and left with Matthew. I highly fear that they are torturing him into revealing the secrets of our city."

    Joshua sighed, "Indeed, he is young. He will be broken easily unless your Knights are able to find the place they have taken him to and free him from his imprisonment."

    Fergo nodded, "That is your new task Knights to find his whereabouts and slay any Mechanists that get in your way."

    Maverick nodded, "Sir, we do not have any leads though. Did something get dropped during the attack?"

    Urit nodded, "Yeah it did! Or should we say, someone?"

    "While the Mechanists attacked two of their own fell in battle. One of them is dead, the other was knocked unconscious and thought to be dead. We currently have him in the interrogation room, but I find it will be better if one who has gone to the enclaves and understands their layouts will interrogate him. Now, did anything significant happen during your judgement on the enclaves?" Fergo asked.

    Maverick looked for a brief second at Caedmon and shook his head, "Nothing I find significant sir. Although my second in command may something if he wishes."

    The Council looked at Caedmon, "Well, did something significant happen Caedmon?" Fergo asked.


    Damon Malruth
    Location: Birch Enclave

    Damon sighed as he watched the D.F. gather into the center, finding seats at the tables that had hastily been arranged. This time there was no food and no friendly banter. Most knew that this meeting had been called for one reason. Once the room filled up Damon walked up to the podium and looked around. He took in a deep breath. "Just a few minutes ago... we were alerted that there was an attack at the Kanto Enclave." There were some murmurs among the soldiers but Damon kept going. "A group of Knights managed to find it and proceeded to kill all inside. One of the few survivors that managed to avoid detection barely gave us a warning a few minutes ago before the signal was cut off."

    He let that sink in before continuing. "It's highly likely that the enclave is wiped out, but there is still a chance that there are still some survivors hidden in safe room. Our mission is to head out and locate them. We will teleport into the city and do our best to find them. There is a chance that there are still some Knights wandering the area. If we must then we will engage in battle with them. Everyone, suit up and be prepared to leave in ten minutes. We are not waiting for any stragglers."

    Damon walked away from the mic as the room burst into action as the soldiers headed out. Urta frowned, "So, now the true war starts huh?"

    Damon sighed, "Years of hiding and now it's all coming apart. Yeah, the war really does start."
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