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    Brian simply shook his head and stood up. "Thanks Rama. Come on Frost, let's go find the others." he said, still looking a little down. Frost shrugged and chuckled at Rama

    "Adios man. Next time you see me, I'll be a lot tougher." he said with a smirk as he began to walk after Bri. Bri smiled a bit and turned back to Rama, looking slightly amused.

    "You need to stick with someone too Rama, cause you get into a lot of trouble yourself! Later!" he said, sounding a bit more like his old cheerful self again. With that he turned and began to walk the way Rama had come, his expression turning a bit sad again. He paused when he saw Max, and heard him talk about the ice cream, but shook his head.

    "No thanks. I don't want any right now. I want to find my pokemon and go back to the dorm for a bit, have fun though!" Bri said with a slight smile.

    Thyme, Duster, Bouncy, and Sprinkles

    "Hehehe! Guess what Thyme? Sprinkles is-" Duster began to say.

    "SHUT UP!" Sprinkles growled angrily, turning to glare at the Minccino, who stuck her tongue out at him.

    "... You guys are nuts." a loud, booming voice said. thyme turned and stared up at a large arcanine that was hanging around vacantly, with a vulpix asleep on his back.

    "Oh, the mutt is back. What do you want Nova?" Thyme said with a scowl. Nova looked down at her.

    "Good to know you haven't changed. Where the heck have you lot been?" Nova said with a soft growl.

    "Bri's mama took us to his house in Hoenn, and then he left and became a registered trainer! He wanted to come back here!" Duster said with a smile.

    "Humph, who the heck are you?" Sprinkles said, growling at the arcanine, who fixed him with a withering glare. Sprinkles was unfazed by it, and glowered right back.

    "Little pup, do not think you are the toughest one here. I'm Nova, the strongest pokemon our trainer has, so back. Off." Nova said with a low, intimidating growl.


    "Aren';t the dead, um, you know, dead? Why do they need company if they are in the iternal rest?" Quin said bluntly, ignoring what she had said about Draco. As an expert observer, he would say she was a bit more emotional about that than she let on, though he couldn't tell how she felt. He shrugged, and Zara felt the need to chime in.

    "Why? Because that rest isn't as iternal as it sounds. Anyways, I don't care if you care. But I'm telling you anyways." Zara said boredly, causing Quin to close his eyes.

    "I see..." he said softly, reaching into his bag and pulling out a Silph Scope. He turned it on, then looked around, pausing to wave at the ghostly girl and Rotom.

    "Who's the floating kid?" he asked Ash, "And what exactly do you need to get done?"


    Drake pulled Killita's pokeball off his belt and returned her as Valroie sent out the Charizard. One of the only non dragon type pokemon he had ever liked, and he wanted one badly.

    "Killita, return for a bit and rest. Maris! Go get that Charizard! Use Dragon Rush!" he said, sendin g out his Gabite, who growled at the flames that slammed into her. She dashed forward and leapt at Charizard, covered by an intense purple light.

    "You're doing pretty well." he said, pulling out a Hyper Potion and using it on Killita's ball, giving Valorie an aalmost assured second hit while he was distracted.
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