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Arcadia - Vaguely a river
A slight grin came to Arcadia's face and she seemed to muse over Zora's response for a moment. Getting people to think poorly of authority wasn't difficult. People tended to be skeptical of authority to begin with. Everybody wanted to be their own boss and everybody wanted to be the best of the best. That was how she saw it anyway. She herself? Quite frankly, Professor Oak was a man of terrifying power. Even the thought of teamwork didn't convince her he couldn't be beaten. She had to wonder, how did he do that? How did /some kid/ from pallet town up and shatter all known limitations on the power of a pokemon? ...She supposed that was probably how he earned a doctorate in pokemon science.

"I've got a /feeling/ they're hiding something from us--holding us back."

The way she spoke, she seemed earnest. She then proceeded to pull out a pokeball however for a reason that wasn't really clear until she spoke a moment later.

"...I've got evidence too~ Wanna see?"

She proceeded to prop the pokeball up on her finger and twirl it around in a casually stylish manner. It seemed to be implied that the ball had something to do with it.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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