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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Power Plant

    As soon as Kaede hits Yaibe his form suddenly changes. It was Mistress all aling! Ruby could've found out, because Faint Attack is a dark type attack. Ruby was pretty suprised it was Mistress.

    'Give 'm a scary face!' Kilik commanded her. Mistress gave Kaede her scariest face, but Kaede only looked at her with a pokerface. Kaede never showed when he was scared, so he wouldn't now, but he WAS scared.

    '(Ruby, stop! Now!)' Hikari shouts to Ruby, who doesn't listen. 'Kaede, quick attack!' Ruby commanded him. '(Ruby!!)' Hikari jumped over to Kaede and landed forward him to make him stop attacking.

    '(Stop battling! Now!)' Hikari says once again facing her now. 'Why? Just now you said i was doing good.' Ruby asks her questionating. '(You get a black out if you battle futher...)' Hikari says. 'Huh?' Ruby looks at Hikari more serious now. '(Just now your face looked really pale, not only that, it seemed like you were dizzy, i want you to stop right now!)' Hikari explained.

    '...' Ruby called Kaede back and picked up Hikari. 'I'm sorry Kilik... We'll have to resume this battle later, Hikari is forcing me to stop.' Ruby has an awkward smile, it's embaressing to stop a battle like this. Not only that, it would look like she's weak or couldn't handle it, while appearently she could.

    'See you later.' Ruby ran off with Hikari in her arms, she looked dissapointed and sad. She decided to go back to the dorms.

    Roxas Jaden Asakura - Power Plant

    'I-it's okay, don't worry...' The girl said. It seemed her smile was reapearing which was good.

    Obilivio took a look at her. 'Girl... It's better to always tell what you were really thinking, unless you're hiding something for it's own good.' Obilivio turned his face back to the road. 'You wanted to say something else just know, didn't you?' Obilivio spoke cool.

    Roxas looked questionating at him. It happened more that Obilivio was randomly saying weird stuff, but now he said something to Alice.
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