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    Episode 8: The Song of Power

    "There..." Kawa wheezed as he lead the group out of the tunnel. "We should be safe now..."

    "I don't know...vampires are persistent creatures, and usually only defeated by holy magic or a well placed stake through the heart." Tane cautioned.

    "If our pursuer did survive that blast, we need to prepare to fight her while we can." Whitlea suggested. "Once she is defeated, we can continue to Sanyou in peace."

    "I've heard that Sanyou has been overtaken by a ruthless warlord and his bratty son..." Lyra mused as she brushed off some leaves from her outfit. "There's no way we can enter the ruins while they are in charge."

    "Do you think Sanyou's fall and the appearance of a vampire in this world are connected?" Blair wondered as he cradled Tane in his arms.

    "I'm not sure, but our undead pursuer and the fall of a great city has to be more than coincidence." Whitlea replied, glancing around the forest for any sign of Thana. "Thank Anima the three brothers of Sanyou are safe, although in hiding."

    "Anima knows what will happen if the mage Cilan, the warrior Chili, and the ranger Cress fall to a warlord's blade." Lyra mused. "They are seen as the guardians of Sanyou..."

    "Forgive me for interrupting the discussion, but I think we have company!" Kawa cried as the flutters of a Zubat's wings echoed through the bushes.

    Whitlea drew her sword as a Zubat approached the group and reformed into Thana. "There you are! Thought an explosion vould destroy me?" she sneered. "We undead are stronger than that."

    "Gloat all you want, but we will still awaken Reshiram!" Blair retorted as he readied an arrow.

    Emyina hoda vyfre... Lyra sang, making Blair's arrow glow with a bright light.

    "Kill me if you must, but there is another in your vorld and many in the Dark Realm that seek to avaken Zekurom." Thana cautioned. "I am only the first of many, and I will see to it the holy firefox is not avakened!"

    "Now, Blair!" Tane yelped.

    Blair fired his shot, but the light infused arrow fizzled out on a swirling shield of dark energy, rendering what should've been a fatal blow harmless.

    Karuto, iichiida shou... Lyra sang, allowing the group to race away from a large wave of dark energy.

    "Good thinking, Lyra." Kawa called as he dove out of the way of a black bladed knife. "PETIT BOLT!" A tiny spark went flying from the sapphire in his Archmage's Circlet, but it only managed to hit Thana in the leg.

    "Thanks for the help, Kawa, but I don't think your spells can reach a vampire's heart either." Whitlea called as she slashed Thana in the stomach, making a gaping hole in her clothing.

    "Can you enchant blades like you do arrows?" Blair asked as his next shot ended up embedded in a tree.

    "Yes, but I only know how to bless a blade with wind magic for now." Lyra replied as she jumped out of the way of a dark orb, scraping Thana's head with her own sword on the way up. "I can give a blade the ability to shoot a beam of light, though..."

    "Sing that song--maybe it will give us a chance to strike the vampire's heart!" Whitlea suggested.

    "Okay..." Lyra closed her eyes and focused what little sun she could into her blade. Emyina van sevien dihe... Next, she aimed her glowing blade at the fleeing vampire's leg, making a teal beam fly. The resulting explosion of light made Thana fall to the ground in pain.

    "It worked!" Blair smiled as he fired another shot, grazing the vampire's arm. Tane was close by, purifying what plants had been tainted by the vampire's dull red blood.

    "Hah!" Whitlea fired a beam into Thana's other arm. Her ghastly howl of pain could be heard all through the forest.

    "A stake! Where are we going to find a stake?" Kawa cried as he glanced around the forest floor for a piece of wood thick enough for a stake.

    "We don't need a stake, remember?" Lyra told Kawa. "Vampires fall to holy light too, and that's how we're going to get rid of this one!"

    Blair watched in awe as Thana's last scream pierced through an explosion of rainbow light. "By did you do that?"

    "Lyra and I combined the power in our enchanted blades and aimed for the vampire's heart." Whitlea replied as she watched Tane heal more poisoned plants. "The combined power was enough to destroy her."

    "I see..." Blair mused as he slung his bow on his back. "But, one thing the vampire said before we battled her intrigues me--she said she was the first of many..."

    "First a vampire pursues us, and now Sanyou has fallen to a warlord--who am I to suggest that someone is working behind the scenes to see Zekurom's appearing in this world through."

    "I don't know, but we may find answers to your questions and more about the ruins if we liberate Sanyou." Whitlea replied before motioning for the group to follow her through the forest...

    To Be Continued...
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