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    PlatinumDude in the case of porygon its nature and item are meant to work together to make it faster and stronger than most other pokes.

    with forretress i was using the dual screening thing really as filler, but turns out its been helping me alot, but i will mostlikely give it rapid spin, because hazards mess with this team too much

    for the 2 mew sets, well the second is obivously sweeper mew. the first, while having good hp, wouldnt have the bulk to survive a hit from something insane like +3 bullet punch from scizor. ill try them out again, but im also messing with the EVs for its current set.

    as for haxorous, well ive always hated outrage, for 2 reasons.
    1- it confuses you after usage. 2- i never hit through confusion.
    and shadow claw = filler, but outrage = no no. im thinking of some replacements. but youre right, i should add more hp to increase survival.
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