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Originally Posted by Geass20 View Post
sorry, i realize i forgot to put the traits up. if i do that, mention it in your posts.

Azelf- pressure

Porygon-z- download

Vaporeon- water absorb

Forrtress- sturdy

Mew- synchronize

Haxorous- mold breaker

Now, PlatinumDude, i reallize that special defensive walls(chansey/blissey) stop porygon in its tracks, but that why i keep mew witrh psyshock and haxorous.
and ive already taken into acount the lum berry, but i still dont like getting confused off my own move.

Sayan,ive switch vaporeons item to leftovers, and will replace shadow claw with brick break. and ive changed mews EVs: 252hp/156sp.att/100spd.
ive also replaced dual screens on forry:
-rapid spin
-gyro ball
-stealth rock
speed IVs are also 0.

im looking to replace porygonZ with another guy so i can get porygon2 on this team, any suggestions help.
Azelf doesn't have Pressure; it has Levitate. xP

Here's a Porygon2 set for you:
-Ice Beam
-Toxic/Thunder Wave
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP/184 Def/72 SDef
Item: Eviolite
Ability: Trace

And wouldn't it be easier to only replace Porygon-Z? Porygon2 already shares good synergy with Mew (and Azelf).