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    Originally Posted by Porynoir View Post
    New areas have already been revealed, like the what'sit'sname's town Hilda and the other guy live in. Akuroma has been revealed so I'm assuming he has a lab. But what other areas BW2 have to offer?

    I thought it would be nice if there was a lab somewhere with um... sciency pokemon, maybe appearing like in a cave. Pokemon like Solosis or Duosion. Maybe even Porygon. There would be stuff like potions and magmarizers/electrizers, maybe even a Up-grade or Dubious Disk. Maybe they are saving the Dubious Disk in P2 Lab. I have no idea how this would fit in the story. Who knows? Maybe even a P3 Lab. But like I said before, who knows what new areas BW2 have to offer? (whew)

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