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If you have an obsession with LoZ, this is a club for you!
I'm so obsessed right now, it's not even funny. v_v

Username: Sydian
Favorite LoZ game: Ocarina of Time
Triforce Section: Wisdom...I'm apparently wise. lol

What is your favorite character, and why?
This is actually kind of hard, considering there are so many. As far as minor characters go, I think I'll go with the shaman in Twilight Princess. I don't remember his name, but he's my favorite because I call him Jesus Kravitz. That's not even a canon reason. As for main characters, I'm going to be totally and completely generic and say Link. BUT WHICH LINK!? I totally love Skyward Sword Link. I haven't played the game, but this Link seems to have some more emotion in him than any other Link from any other game. I'm a huge OoT Young Link fan too. Cause. idk.

What is your favorite instrument used in the games?
Probably the Ocarina, because I remember thinking it was so unusual, and as more Zelda games came out, I realized how unusual it was compared to, say, flutes, a harp, wooden pipe thingies, the freaking grass...yeah. lol

Who is your favorite partner?
Midna, hands down. She had the most character out of any partner imo. I like Tatl too, even though I'm not a huge Majora's Mask fan.

Also, for anyone interested, I'm doing an RNG project in Pokemon Black that relates to Zelda. Once it's finished, I'll post it, or link to where I post it. It's probably not going to fit into canon very well for all you Zelda buffs here, but I tried my best to fit the stories in as well as I could. But you'll see when it's done. :)

edit: RENADO!

Which one is Skyward Swords? If It's newer, I probably haven't played it. I'm mostly an old(er) school gamer. They just don't make games like they used to nowadays XD
It's the latest one for the Wii, so that's why you haven't played it I'm sure. I haven't played it either. I've just been watching an LP of the game and haven't found my selling point till just recently, and it's far into the game and a major plot point. I won't say what, but I am kind of disappointed it took me that long to get interested in it. The flying looks boring. At least sailing in Wind Waker was nice because you had a different island in each square. I'm gonna go ramble to someone else now lol.
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