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    Thorsten the Powerful - Coast of Lake Rumore, North end

    Thorsten was awoken to the sounds of his guards, attempting to awaken him. Thorsten felt a throbbing pain in his head as he struggled to stand up. Thorsten searched his thoughts for memories, but what he had just been through was lost to him.

    " What the hell happened," Thorsten asked his guards, still feeling woozy.

    " We damn near took out a garrison of Imperial troops, that's what bloody 'ell happened," Aringor answered.

    Thorsten stood up on the beach, still feeling disoriented. Thorsten wobbled around, before he was propped up by his allies. They carried him into a wagon, and the wagon doors shut on Thorsten, leaving him trapped inside.

    " Why aren't you coming along," Thorsten asked in a loud tone.

    " Why would we, we were all working for the Empire. We got you now Thorsten, see you in Sovngarde," Esloth retorted.

    Thorsten spit through the cage, the saliva smacking Esloth right between the eyes. Esloth wiped the spit off his face.

    " Traitors like you will never go to Sovngarde," Thorsten shouted, angered at the betrayal.

    The trio watched Thorsten closely as he stewed angrily in the cage. Thorsten began to think how he could have been betrayed.Was it Ulfric? Was it just them? Who was it? Either way, all Thorsten could do was sit as he was being hauled to the Imperial City Prison, where Thorsten would be left to rot. Thorsten questioned what would happen next as the wagon stopped. It was then when Thorsten realized he wasn't tied up. Thorsten readied his hands to clobber whoever opened that door. Thorsten then heard a melee outside, and then Aringor opened the door. Aringor dodged Thorsten's tackle attempt, then began to speak.

    " Thorsten, we gotta get out of here. I was never a part of the plot. Esloth engineered a plan to turn you into the Imperials, for a ten thousand septim bounty. Come on, we gotta flee the city," Aringor explained, handing Thorsten a blade.
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