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    This is the first team that I really want to work with. I have imported random Pokemon and there move sets onto my games before, and I'd rather just have a bunch of good solid teams to work with.

    I'm wanting to be able to do nothing more but to play with people I know, and people who I encounter online. Nothing super serious, but I would like to get into a good start.

    A lot of times I tend to work with UU and below Pokemon better, just because they tend to be able to work a lot better in my terms.

    I have HG, Plat, and Black in my possession by the way, and to make it easier on myself, I don't know if I'd be using much legendarys.

    Nature - Jolly
    Item - Focus Sash
    Ability - Technician
    EVs - 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4HP
    -Fake Out
    -Low Sweep

    Nature - Careful
    Item - Leftovers
    Ability - Steadfeast
    EVs - 252 SpDef/252SPD/4ATK
    -Leaf Blade
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Drain Punch
    -Bulk Up

    Nature - Modest
    Item - Life Orb
    Ability - Natural Cure
    EVs - 252SpA/252Spd/4HP
    -Synthesis/Toxic Spikes
    -Leaf Storm
    -Stun Spore
    -Sludge Bomb/HP Rock

    Nature - Bold
    Item - Leftovers
    Ability - Marvel Scale
    EVs - 252HP/252Def/4spd
    -Dragon Tail

    Nature - Adamant
    Item - Expert Belt
    Ability - Solid Rock
    EVs - 252ATK/240DEF/16Sp.Def
    -Stone Edge/Rock Slide
    -Hammer Arm

    Nature - Modest
    Item - Choice Specs
    Ability - Flash Fire
    EVs - 252 SpAtk, 248 Spd, 8Hp
    -Fire Blast/Flamethrower
    -Energy Ball
    -HP Fighting
    -Shadow Ball

    This is a team I have came up with. I did use Smogon to help me pick out where Pokemon stand in terms of offensive and defensive. I was trying to aim for a bulkier offensive like team. I haven't had much experience with creating a full team, normally its I grab a bunch of Pokemon.

    Here are my reasoning for Pokemon
    #1 - This will be the lead. Fake out anything first go around, and if its something that is known to set up; taunt it. U-turn out if its going to be hazardous, or low kick it if it is something deadly.
    #2 - Switch in to a Pokemon it can take on, and do a few bulk-ups, then drain punch for the HP back. You have Shadow Sneak for quick priority and Leaf Blade for coverage.
    #3 - This is the more special sweeper, it will slow the things down, heal loss damage, and blast them with Leaf Storms and HP's/Posions
    #4 - Milotic will be a pain with the infamous recovery/toxic combo. This thing will be able to take down things down through a game of patience with its blukyness and all. It could also be given HP Fire for coverage over Steel types.
    #5 - This Pokemon is used for hitting things hard with Fight, Bug, Rock, and Ground. It will take in a hit, then blast it with rocks in your face.
    #6 - Chandelure will take on any grass and psychic types roaming around with a clean one hit or two hit shots from the deadly sp.atk base that it holds.

    I hope this is somewhat well made up for a first one ^.^''

    Lots of love
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