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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Originally Posted by Cybermccloud
it doesn't work on my computer. things that have exe. or rar. doesn't work on my comptuer.

will it work on the sofware unbuntu? u know, the sofeware that is sold at Target?
You have Ubuntu? I am not well versed in that OS, but I do know that you need a program called WineHQ (Google it). It's a Windows application emulator. To open .RAR files, you need WinRAR, or an Ubuntu variant. Otherwise, run WinRAR within WineHQ.
Raptor works fine under WINE, background music is the only thing that doesn't work but it can be fixed by converting the backgroud music files(they're in bgm folder) to OGG format. To open RAR files you need to install a tool called unrar. Go to terminal and write:
sudo apt-get install rar unrar
Now you can extract RAR files just like ZIP files.
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