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From what I understand, MQ Water Temple is easier than the normal one, and arguably the easiest temple in MQ. -shrug- Great Bay Temple has awesome music, so it's excused from being anno-- lol jk it's not. None of them are. :( Though they all have great music. Lakebed is poop and I was playing TP a bit yesterday hunting bugs, but it had been so long since I played that I went all the way to Castle Town only to find I had already been there. Stupid. lol So I was like "well...shoot I ain't going back to the Lake after that bye TP see you tomorrow." :( Droplet Temple's boss gave me a lot of trouble. I actually for a while thought that that's where I left off last time I played MC, but's not. I did manage to beat it at some point haha.

Buuuut you know, I have to praise TP (yeah from MC to TP lol) for its dungeons. In my opinion, they are probably the most well crafted and just stunning to look at. They all seem like they would legitimately exist. I love the OoT Temples, but I had a hard time thinking the Fire and Water Temples really existed with some sort of purpose. I think about them a lot, like about what people are supposed to do there haha. But in TP, I can think of something that goes on in each temple. I think about temples and dungeon a LOT sorry lol. :(

Also! I would mayyyybe consider Tower of the Gods in WW as a sort of Water Temple. There's water in there! Totally counts. lol Nahhh it's more like a light temple if anything. Favorite temple in WW though. So much fun to command statues lol.

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