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Haj-Julan, "Reptile-in-Shadows" - The Gold Coast, Near Kvatch

Reptile runs along the road, slowing to a light jog as he catches his breath. The road splits off, with the divergant road headed to the town of Kvatch. Not needing to go to Kvatch, and not even wanting to see Kvatch (despite it's historical significance), he instead keeps going West, toward Anvil. Jut as he's about to start sprinting again, however, he notices a man up ahead. No, not a man, a Bosmer. The Wood Elf is sitting on the side of the road, staring forlornly at a rickshaw blocking the path. The rickshaw is missing it's wheels, and a few boxes are strewn about the road.

Reptile immediately draws his bow, nocking an arrow in the string, but not pulling back just yet. He approaches the Elf, scanning the area for anyone else. The Elf rises to his feet, waving happily. "Oi! You, good sir! Could you help me out? You see, I was robbed on my way to Skingrad! Bandits made off with me cargo and me horse, even took the wheels off me cart! I think I know where their camp is, too!" The Elf turns to point down the road, at a lone tree in the distance. "They're holed up near that-"

Reptile lets the arrow fly, striking the Elf in the back of the head. The force of the shot sends the Elf tumbling to the ground, dead before he can even finish talking. Reptile crouches near the Bosmer's body, snapping his neck and looting his corpse. Finding a bag of gold, a dagger, and a magical scroll, Reptile moves on, jumping over the rickshaw and continuing on his way. He knows the bandits didn't rob the Elf, and that the Elf actually works for them. An old trick, one that Reptile fell for precisely once, and never again.
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