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    Name: Amber Primrose



    Picture of Amber --->

    Amber is a very gorgeous young lady envied by some, even if she doesn’t realize her good looks. Her beautiful long red hair is usually kept in a ponytail leaving some bangs on the side of her face. The most striking feature of her face are her amber red eyes that simply warm your hearth and are matched by a pair of rosy cheeks ( this was the reason why her parents named her Amber ). She is fit for her age being neither too tall or to short, at about 5 feet and 81 inch, with a frail and gentle body that has a colour between Caucasian white and light pink.

    When speaking about her clothes, Amber usually used to dress with what was appropriate for the occasion or weather. However that’s long gone since Project Sleeper was launched. After her arrival on Cianwood Island, her clothes were all ripped and mostly covered dirt as she had hurried to get on the boat to get to this island, so after a very tiny meal she was escorted to a room where she picked some clothes. Now she wears a beige tank top that is hidden during her mission by a thin black vest. Going down you can see that she has a pair of very short camo shorts and a pair of long camo stocking. The stocking were a gift she got from a superior that just came back from a mission and found them while performing his task. On her feet she has some long black boots. The only thing that she kept was a lavender scarf that she wears around her neck and was given by her mother when she was sent here on Cianwood Island.

    However, when Amber is required to go on an undercover mission she switches to some more causal and not so obvious clothes. The beige tank top is replaced by a white one and the vest is replaced with one of the same colour but longer, going down to her hips, and has some golden button on both side of it. Amber lower clothes are mainly the same, only the colours changed: the shorts are grey instead of camo, her stockings are white and her boots are grey as well. Her lavender scarf is left untouched and always around her neck as a reminder of her family.

    Amber is a very bold person which is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she thinks is best, despite being very well mannered and elegant. Due to this Amber was always admired by her friends and people around her to the extent that they follow her word, but as her personality is, that fact doesn’t really matter to her. She is the type of girl who doesn’t give a dime on what others think and will always be herself. Amber is very smart, and is quick to react but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get things wrong sometimes….she’s not a smartass that’s for sure. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very determined in what she does and doesn’t stop until what she has on her mind is done.
    One trait that she developed since she came here on the island and started training is being very sly and devious. Being a girl in an army isn’t easy so she thought that she has to exploit all her strong points. So her enemies soon found out that her smooth talk and cunning words were only used to get close to them and then strike them hard and fast. And why not? She believes that if her looks can help the mission she will play her cards right. However this side of her has only been seen by her enemies, who only fall in her trap and regret it later.

    Even if she looks fragile, she is very powerful and packs a punch which will make you see stars. All in all, in a few words, you could say Amber is a mixture of bold with elegance, some drops of intelligence and determination and a sprinkle of power and cunning nature . Just your normal 18 year girl, who has to live in these treacherous times, knows what she wants and tries to get it.

    History: The best way to understand everything is to start from the beginning, so here we go. Amber and her family were settled in the peaceful and refreshing town of Olivine, in a two level house near the sea. She is the daughter of Eveline and Victor Primrose who are humble people which have a small family business in which they offer boat rides around the Whirl Islands for tourists who visit the town, and the sister of Vincent Primrose who was born five years earlier than her, making him the big brother. The four members of the family got along well and were living a happy life, enjoying the bad and happy moment. A quarrel from time to time help people tighten bonds.

    Before the havoc started Amber was enjoying her life in the costal town helping her parents with their business. Most of her days started with her waking up at 8 am and heading out to the main office that was just a few minutes away from her house, on the beach near the port, where she would sit down at her desk and welcome all the people who were intending on taking a boat trip and schedule their ride then let her father or mother take notice of the new sail he had to do. In her free time you could find Amber in two places.

    One would be with her dad or mother that now deemed her worthy of learning how to sail a ship and were encouraging her, as they did since she was little, to learn all the tricks and things she had to know to run the business. Her parents had high hopes that she would follow in their steps and take over the company as their sons had other dreams. The second was in town, more specific at the Gym, where she would often sneak when she was on her breaks to watch the gym leader and her battles. She liked how trainer and pokemon had to be in sync and were helping each other overcome the hardship of their battles , striving to become better and better. Going on a pokemon journey was her hidden secret, her most unobtainable dream, that only her brother knew. Vincent would always try to convince her sister to tell their parents her wishes and follow her dream but the girl would always say no as she knew how bad they wanted her to follow in their steps since her big brother didn’t. Vincent, even if he was also encouraged to work in the family business, felt that that wasn’t his true vocation. Having a very sensible and good way of thinking and also begin very diplomatic and having the aura of a leader was what determined him to follow a political path. So after going through high school and college, always being the ones to be place among those with top scores in their exams he easily got a job as a consultant for the prime minister in Johto.

    Two days before Project Sleeper was launched, Amber and Vincent had a quarrel over Amber telling her parents her true desire for her future and after that left for work, in Goldenrod, still bitter from their dispute. That was the last that Amber, and her parents, would hear or see of Vincent Primrose. During the attack, he was also killed as he was starting to become popular among the region for his very well thought and beneficial laws and projects. The news of him being dead struck the family hard, however they didn’t have any time to grieve over their loss or even retrieve the corpse of their son. The city was attacked and they took all they could carry and headed for the ships and left towards Cianwood Island, looking behind at the happy life they were living just a few days ago. They managed to reach the island without any interference and were greeted by Romana Kiev and were taken into a safe house for the time being for shelter.

    Sever weeks passed and it seemed like nothing was turning for the better. Amber was devastated after losing her brother, she felt horrible that they had argued before he left and that she couldn’t even say a goodbye. At that time recruits started to be scouted to join the rebels and the army that was holding its ground against the pressing power. On an evening Amber went outside and walked along the beach and after a while sat on a log that drifted on the beach. She gazed at the sun with the image of her brother in her mind. She got up and yelled as loud as she could at the ocean, asking the world why did this have to happen. An answer came from behind her from a woman with long dark hair kept in a ponytail. She told Amber that the cause of this are the greed and one sided thinking of some people and that they can’t change the past but they can change the future. Amber was impressed by the woman who gazed at the sun with sad eyes as she sad those words. That was the spark that drove Amber to joining the rebels.

    However her parents rejected the idea as soon as Amber told them and demanded that she would not speak even one word about that ever again. They had just lost one of their children and didn’t want to lose another one. But Amber was determined, she told her parent that her dream had been had been to become a pokemon trainer but kept it to her just to make them happy, but now was the time to do what she wanted. She couldn’t sit still while others were under the reign of those fools, she had to do something to change the current state of their region and more than that join the rebels in order to avenge her brother’s death.

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