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Kenshin Ren

Okay, how did she know what he was thinking? He was surprised by the way she said that and seemed to know what he was thinking. But what did she mean by being embarassed in front of the others? He decided it would be better not to ask.

While she went off to get changed, he decided to go ahead and...well to be exact, he was kinda wearing long sleeves. He put his jacket, hat, and shirt away in his backpack and rolled up the sleeves on his pants.

When she came back his face flushed at seeing her in a bikini. Okay honestly Kenshin, you have a situation most boys your age would only dream about. Just enjoy it while it lasts.

"...You look...pretty," he said as his cheeks blushed the same reddish pink as Olivia's swimsuit.

After a few minutes to regain his thoughts, he shook his head and looked back to her. "The in a cave close by here...Lapras...don't like fighting Lapras should...hopefully be easy to catch."

He began to walk over to the direction of the cave. He then turned and looked back to her. "The cave...will be a little cool so...just a heads up."

Takumi Ryuuhiko

So now what else was there to do for Takumi but go out and train. More specifically, Deino. While Deino was not the strongest on his team, he felt for sure this pokemon would be necessary in his goals for clearing out the Lugia Dorm. So now was a good time to test his abilities.

He began walking in the forest, alone as usual. Just gotta wait for someone or something to present themself for a pokemon battle.
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