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Sorry for double post but since no one posted I have no other choice =/
So, I took this challenge as a quick-2-days-run for the past 2 days and I must say it was pretty awesome, the difficulty was high enough and it was not easy to walk through Johto =D
But I do have something that I did not like...
I don't know if it's possible or within your hacking abilities but could you raise the levels of wild pokemon?
To grind to league, I had to spend like 2 hours in Victory Road completely destroying the population of 30 leveled Rhyhorns, Rhydons, Sandlashes, Onixes and Golbats (well I don't care about this one)... and since they were between 32 and 35 levels it took too much time for me to train at least my 4 pokemon over level 60 and 2 were close to 60.
That's first thing.
The second thing is still the weakness of Elite 5...
I've had Machoke (62), Espeon (62), Typhlosion (62), Suicune (60), Dragonite (57) and Red Gyarados (58) and I had no problems beating the league even though their levels were much higher...
First... when my 62 level Espeon oversped 65 level Espeon I though it was okay since my Espie probably had some EVs...
But... when my 57 level Dragonite oversped Lance's 73 level Dragonite I was really like WTF?! The difference of 16 levels is too high to be fixed just by EVs... which probably wasn't the case since I was grinding Dratini/Dragonair on those Rock/Ground types in Victory Road I mentioned.

Well... that's about it and I hope you will complete the Kanto as well
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