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Cassandra Alexandera and Varian Sigmund- Dalenham

"Gah! What's taking those two so long? I want to get paid already," Cass said with an ear wrenching moan. Always impatient, Cass never enjoyed standing idle for more than a few moments. If she ever bothered to give it much thought, Cass would probably admit as it be a contributing factor to her decision to leave her house and become a mercenary. But Cass never gave it any thought. She lived in the moment and this moment was being wasted on waiting for two rookies. Well, as far as she was concerned they were rookies.

"Calm down. They will be here soon," Varian replied with his arms crossed as he watched Cass twirl a knife around her fingers.

"And how do you know that? They didn't look like much…" Cass mumbled under her breath before pouting.

"Because I see one of them in the distance," Varian said, pointing in the distance. Cass mouthed an "oh" before returning to her knife twirling, acknowledging her defeat to Varian.

"Well, that was easy gold," Ava, the elf, said as she came to closer to Cass and Varian. She was too beautiful to be a mercenary. Cass assumed she was going to die on this job to kill some orcs (seeing how orcs can beat the average man with their superior strength), not giving her half the credit that Varian gave her. But he insisted and Cass wasn't in a position to argue seeing how she was drunk at the time. Despite that, the elven girl found a way to survive and Cass believed at that point, that maybe the girl would be useful to keep around.

"I've had easier," Cass said, tossing her knife into the air before sitting up and catching it in the other. "Surprised to see you survived. Maybe you got some potential after all," Cass said bluntly, before offering a genuine smile.

"That means she is happy to see you," Varian said to reassure the girl that Cass just remembered was named "Ava."

It didn't take long for the other mercenary to follow, of which Cass remembered was named "Alys." What's with all these people and their awkward nicknames, she thought. At least mine is nothing more than a shortening of my real name. “So, what’s next?” Alys asked directing her question to Varian.

"Now we go into the city," Varian answered.

"Finally!" Cass interjected before leading the way into the city.

Dalenham is the capital of Eveamoor and the closest thing to a real city in the developing nation of Eveamoor. Despite it's nearly 2000 year history, Dalenham has rarely developed, constantly living in the shadows of its sister countries of Ethora and Falke. Early struggles in the development of a formal government and a strong economy led to a gradual decline that has caused internal strife that has hampered any progress. Dalenham has become a city that strives to make its people forget that Eveamoor's failure to grow as a nation, but like many things in Eveamoor fails to meets its ambitious goals. The iron gates entering the city limits are rusty and aged, barely looking usable. However, to keep the townspeople from feeling totally insecure, numerous yet ill-equipped guards stand on the ramparts of the stone walls.

Upon entering the gates, one enters the central shopping district of the city unoriginally called "Market Street." Here, Dalenham shines. While not culturally exquisite, Dalenham is a peaceful, developed city with its stores, homes and various buildings built with a fusion of cobblestone and wood and various small stands scattered about. However, many of these buildings are quaint and small, built with function in mind. However, larger structures are spread out through Market Street (and the other parts of the market quarter) emerging as towers in the developing city. Anyone who knows anything about Dalenham and Eveamoor knows what these buildings are: Guild headquarters and/or outposts. Dalenham is the central hub for most businesses and as such many of the major guilds (and some minor ones) have established their headquarters in the capital. It is the sole reason that Dalenham has experienced its development. Leaving Market Street, one sees Eveamoor's true colors: a blending of poverty and regality. Larger homes and manors find themselves surrounding by small homes or shacks, representing a distinct lack in the middle class. One is either poor or fairly wealthy, with few in between. Aside from this, Dalenham is nothing remarkable except for the Mountain of Solace overlooking everything. A sole, lonely mountain resting in an open field, Mt. Solace is home to Dalenham's capital building, the castle in the sky is built within the mountain. It is said the King or Queen, can see all of Eveamoor from its towers. Or at least everything important.

The mercenaries entered through the gate and immediately saw the bustling streets of Market Street, with an eccentric mix of the rich and poor minding their own business as they walked about the cobblestone streets of the city. It was busier than normal, but that was likely because the day was still fairly young. "I will go on ahead and collect our pay," Varian said, holding up a cloth sack containing a trophy of their conquest, the head of the orc chieftan he had slain.

"Right," Cass said. "We'll be up at the Broken Keg. I heard they serve a decent drink." Varian motioned a weak wave as he walked along, separating from the group.

"Well, if you guys want to get your share you better head to the Broken Keg with me. He'll meet us there." Cass spat motioning the other two to follow her. Cass walked through the streets with force and confidence, with many bystanders simply making room for her. The beggars scattered themselves amongst the bystanders, hoping for spare change. Pickpockets roamed around, hoping to find a loose purse. The rich scoffed at the poor and the poor envied the rich. It was business as usual in Dalenham, and Cass loved the city already. It was chaos in its own way, full of intrigue and interesting characters. That being said, she knew how pathetic the people really were. Five minutes in the village earlier revealed that much.

After a few minutes of walking, Cass found the Broken Keg. As far taverns she heard about, the Broken Keg wasn't too bad, but it was far from ornate with your typical stone and wood construction and homely feel. Looks boring. But she knew how to make it entertaining. Without a word, Cass entered the building and eyed the people in the room. The Broken Keg was far from your typical tavern that Cass would frequent, being actually clean and well maintained. The bar itself had a shiny wood finish and a number of tables with richer patrons (and a number of the rare middle class present) pausing in their socializing as Cass stormed in. Even the band in the corner stopped playing their instruments. Cass enjoyed the attention, liking to think they were admiring her rugged beauty.

Cass had scouted the place out and realized that no tables were actually ripe for the taking. This never stopped her before in her quest to work hard and party harder. Walking up to a table near the wall with a small party of patrons calmly gambling and drinking, Cass loomed over them as she approached. The men looked a bit intimidated, but since they weren't shivering in fear, Cass felt the need to emphasize her point. Removing a knife from its holster, Cass drove it through the oak table, nearly splitting it in half. The knife was only a small breath of air away from the one patrons resting hand.

"Oh," Cass said with a fake gasp. "Seems I missed your hand. Let me try again." Before she had the opportunity to remove the knife, the group retreated, leaving a few coins behind as they panicked. "Hey girls! Seems I found an open table. Come join me," Cass called as she removed her knife and fell into a seat, kicking back and relaxing. A few moments later, a nervous waitress came over.

"W-what can I…I get for you?"

"Got any Golden Brew?"


"I'll take that. Preferably from Rowanion if you can manage it. Get these two whatever they want."