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Other Chat & Discussions Thread Making Guide

Please read this post before you make a thread. While Other Chat & Discussions is a fairly relaxed section with regards to what you post in a thread and how you present your post (as covered earlier under the "Moderation" section), it's important that relevant threads which will generate discussion appropriate for this section are posted. After dealing with the issue of a large proportion of threads in this section being either misplaced or inappropriate, Livewire and I decided that it'd be best to just make a discrete guide for making threads in this section. So, if you're about to post a thread, you should stop and read this first or don't be surprised if your thread gets locked.

Thread Types

moral or ethical discussion threads

Example - "Is everybody equal?"
Pretty self-explanitory. These threads are based around a thought-provoking topic such as equality in this case. The first post of this sort of thread should provide some questions and background to get the thread started without making a gigantic tl;dr that'll put people off. Feel free to include your own opinion if you'd like to (although I tend not to so that the thread gets off to an unbiased start), but don't be surprised if somebody is quick to debate it with you!

issue and law discussion threads

Example - "Homeschooling."
When I say "issue", I don't mean to imply that anything brought up in this type of thread is a problem, but simply a matter which could give rise to debate. Potentially controversial issues which people may be able to discuss through the use of sources or personal experience, such as homeschooling, tend to work well here. An interesting way to start these threads is to highlight common arguments related to the issue and possibly provide your own experiences if you have any. Once again, it's your choice if you want to provide an opinion or not.

religion and sexuality discussion threads

Example - "Homosexuality."
These pop up quite a lot so they're getting their own section in here. Generally, these threads end up fairly tightly moderated in comparison to the rest of the threads in OC&D because they have a tendency to get somewhat heated and somewhat insulting if they get out of hand. However, with an open-minded start, these threads do tend to end up as fairly civil and polite discussion. Post these if you want to, but if you aren't confident, I strongly advise you first send a private message to either myself or Livewire for direction.

news threads

Example - "Evolution removed from South Korean textbooks."
There's not too much use in breaking this down into different types of thread as I did earlier because I'd be here for weeks. News stories about a whole load of things can be posted in this section and it's really up to your own discretion to decide if your news story is interesting and thought-provoking enough to do well as a thread. As with the threads mentioned in the last section, PM one of us if in doubt. As for posting, the general method of posting is to link to a full news article, quote in your thread a passage or concise version, and then raise a few questions for discussion along with an opinion if you'd like to. Be aware that if you don't source you news article then it might not generate much positive discussion and could end up closed depending on circumstances.


So, with those key types of threads out of the way, it's time for the nasty stuff. That being the stuff which you should take caution when posting or simply avoid altogether.

poll threads

Example - Everything here.
These are just a no, and they're the type of threads we have to deal with most often here in OC&D. They're threads which ask very simple-to-answer and non-discussion things such as "How old are you?" or "What's your favourite colour?". They invariably do badly here because they're closed or moved pretty quickly. Other Chat & Discussions is made for, well, discussions. If you'd like to post threads like this then that's allowed only in Other Voting Polls, a section made for this sort of thing.

chat threads

Example - "The Daily Chit-Chat."
On occasion, we see people making threads for general chat, sometimes about a subject (such as school or food) and sometimes for general everything. Please send a PM to myself or Livewire before you make one of these because there's a very strong chance that it'll be covered elsewhere already, either by the DCC linked above or by another section on the forum.

question threads

Self-explanitory. Threads which ask a single, simple question, such as "When is the next Pokémon game released?" or "How do I do this homework?" are not permitted here. You've got the whole of the internet at your fingertips on Google. Please use it. Additionally, please refrain for posting threads asking for advice such as "Should I break up with my boyfriend?" or whatever. These are personal issues which should be discussed with a close friend or relative offline, not with a Pokémon community online.

pokémon and emulation threads

While we all love Pokémon, we have a huge number of sections for its discussion and this is definitely not one of them. So please don't post about Pokémon here. Same with emulation - we have a huge section already for ROM hacks and the like and it's called Emulation and it's right over here. Please use it.

video and blogging threads

Threads which tell us about something nice which happened in your life today might be interesting but aren't discussion-worthy. Use a blogging service (either PC's own one or an external one such as tumblr or livejournal) for this kind of thing. The same goes for video threads - we have a thread in Computers & Technology for YouTube videos and, interesting as they are, this is not the place for them.

Riiiiiight, I think that should just about do it. Anything you feel I've missed and need to add, or any areas where I wasn't clear, please PM me with. And, as always, if you're unsure if the thread that you're about to make is ok, then PM Livewire or myself. Thanks for reading.