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    Ever thought of what it would be like to be
    in a gym leaders shoes?
    In this challenge, you have to pick
    one of the gym leaders pokemon in your generation.
    So basically, if you were to pick the game Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver,
    you'd pick one of gym leaders whole team.
    So if I picked bugsy,
    my team would be...
    Scyther, Metapod, and Kakuna.

    The ultimate challenge for this challenge would be
    choosing a gym leaders pokemon in every game.
    R/B/Y, G/S/C, R/S/E, D/P/P, B/W

    You can only pick ONE gym leaders pokemon.
    No picking multiple gym leaders pokemon.
    You can only pick one of the gym leaders in your game.
    So if you had Pokemon D/P/P, you'd
    have to pick out of
    Crasher Wake,
    And Volkner's
    You may not pick e4 pokemon.
    You must have the exact same pokemon the gym leader has,
    so you can not evolve pokemon if the gym leader
    doesn't have that pokemon evolved.
    You may hack, if you cannot catch one of the gym leaders pokemon
    you chose.
    Emulators are allowed.
    You may not catch legendaries.
    Okay. You can hack in your gym leaders strongest pokemon at start.
    So, since i chose pryce, i would hack in a lvl 5 swinub at the start of the game.

    Arcan3 - Emerald

    Ultimate challengers;
    bctincher15- LeafGreen, Soulsilver, Sapphire, Platinum, and Black

    Gkos34- Fire Red, Heart Gold, Emerald, Platinum, White


    Ultimate or no:No
    Gym Leaderryce
    Team: Piloswine, Dewgong, Seel

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