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    This looks really cool :3 can I reserve

    Edit: Done :3

    Full Name: Giselle O'Brien

    Age : 16

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Undella Town


    Giselle stands at 5'4 and weighs the average weight for a girl her age. Her skin is pale and her large brown eyes stand out against her skin. Her hair is blonde in color and naturally curly and a small part of her hair on the left side is in a little mini ponytail. The upper part of both her ears are pierced with silver rings. Giselle dresses in a tank top that is a medium shade of pink, light pink, and light gold in color on the stripes and dot pattern. She wears a pair of jean short shorts and has a tattoo that is seen right at the bottom of her shorts on her left leg. The tattoo is a small pink heart with angel wings below it. She wears a pair of dark pink ballet flat shoes that has a ribbon of the same color that ties up part of her leg.

    Personality: Giselle is a very sweet and kind those she likes. Though getting her to like you can be hard. Giselle is a hard person to impress and is usually cold to people until they do so due to her hard childhood. Giselle holds a strong love and respect for Pokemon and if she sees someone either trying to take someone else's Pokemon or mistreating their own she will act and it won't be pretty. She may not look like much but Giselle is skilled in Martial Arts. If you manage to impress her you will never find a better friend. Giselle is caring and kind to her friends and also very protective of them. She would stand between her friends and anything to keep them from harm.

    If your not lucky enough to impress Giselle she will stay cold towards you, and couldn't care less what happened to the person as long as the Pokemon where okay. For those she doesn't like Giselle leaves them on their own, no worry in her mind she's got herself and her friends to worry about.

    Biography: Giselle was born in in Undella Town in the Unova region but she didn't have an easy childhood. Her mother died when Giselle was five years old leaving her with her father who taught her martial arts and other things growing up. Her father taught her not to let anyone in that didn't impress her, and that those who didn't weren't worthy of her time. He taught her how important the bond between humans and Pokemon were and when she was ten he sent Giselle to Professor Juniper and she recieved an Oshawott. Right away Giselle made her first friend her Oshawott who she nicknamed Jet. After that Giselle was inseparable from her Pokemon and she traveled in Unova. On her Journey Giselle caught two other Pokemon and Pansear and a Panpour but didn't develop as close a bond with them.

    When Giselle turned 11 she had placed 7th in the Pokemon League and was happy with the result, she didn't care about winning she just loved Pokemon so much. After the Pokemon league two boys came up to her and asked if she wanted to trade her Pansear and Panpour for their Tepig and Snivy. Giselle agreed and traded receiving her two new Pokemon. A bond grew as strong as the bond she has with Jet and she named the Tepig Flara, and the Snivy Rosie. At that moment she decided she was going to have Jet now a Dewott evolve into his final form and then have Rosie go to her second form and keep Flara as a Tepig. She continued to train her Pokemon after she returned home and at 16 she recieved an invitation to the S.S. Anne.

    Species: Dewott

    Level: 35

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Shell Armor

    Moveset: Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Fury Cutter, Water Pledge

    Personality: Jet is a very calm and collected Pokemon, remind others of how calm water can be. He cares deeply for his trainer as well as for Flara and Rosie. He doesn't like to be beaten but he isn't to competitive and doesn't take it that badly. He just does his best to make Giselle proud.

    Short Bio: Jet was born and Raised in Professor Junipers Pokemon lab. When Giselle was ten years old he was given to her by the Professor and has been at her side ever since.

    Species: Tepig

    Level: 27

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Blaze

    Moveset: Heat Crash, Flame Charge, Rollout, Fire Pledge

    Personality: Flara is a very headstrong Pokemon. She loves to battle and can get very competitive but she will listen to orders faithfully. Like Jet she has grown to be protective of Giselle

    Short Bio: Flara like Jet was born in Professor Junipers lab but she was never around Jet or Rosie. A week before Giselle chose her Pokemon Flara was chosen by a boy named Evan. She never had a strong bond with Evan but she liked him well enough. She was traded to Giselle for a Panpour and has been with her ever since.

    Species: Servine

    Level: 32

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Overgrow

    Moveset: Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado, Mega Drain, Grass Pledge

    Personality: Rosie is a more quiet Pokemon. She does what she is told and that's it. She cares deeply for Giselle and is protective of her but not the extent that Flara and Jet are. Rosie enjoys battles and listens but her favorite thing to do is nap in the sun.

    Short Bio: Rosie was born in Professor Junipers lab and was chosen by a boy named Garret two weeks before Giselle choose her starter. Rosie did like Garret but the boy was a little to harsh in battles. Rosie was traded for Giselle's Pansear and has been with her ever since.

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