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    Full Name: Sarah Reyes
    Age (16+): 36
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Jubilife City
    Because I can't draw at all!

    Anyway Sarah has brown hair and wears a blue blouse with a white skirt and a pair of white tennis shoes. She wears a wedding ring on her right hand's ring finger and wears a pair of small circular earrings. She always has a purse with her that she will use to store her various items in and, like any mother, has things for every situation. She has misty blue eyes and a charming smile whenever she meets someone new.

    Sarah is a very energetic soul mostly in part to her always doing something around the household. She is kind and sweet to others and always makes sure to have the best manners she can and to always have a positive impact. Due to the many years she spent with her children she is also very tough, being able to stand her own ground in arguments and not moving back one inch, especially if she is making an argument she has a avid fascination for. Despite her years as a mother there are still many things that she cannot stand. She despises bullying in all forms; young trainers showing no manners, especially to those that are older then them; plain rudeness; and finally she abhors the way technology has impacted the basic concept of sitting down and reading a good book.

    Sarah sees physical exercise as a wonderful activity to partake in and has a huge distaste toward those that are lazy in exercising. She looks toward Maylene and Bertha of the Elite Four as huge inspirations. Maylene for her stance on how women can be just as strong as men and appreciates Bertha for showing that no matter how old one can be, they can still be a remarkable trainer.

    Sarah was born to a middle class family in Jubilife City. She had a caring father and mother and was spoiled as a only child. Despite all the love and care that Sarah was given she never let it go to her head and strove to make her parents proud. Once she started school Sarah found that she had a love for learning and reading and would spend much time at the library or at home studying for her classes. During middle school she skipped two years of school and was one of the youngest students to enter high school. It was here that she met a wonderful boy by the name of Stuart. The two began to date and by the time they had entered their senior year both were madly in love.

    The two headed off to the university in Hearthrome city to receive their degrees and once they had graduated they quickly became engaged and married within the following year. While both were pursuing their dream jobs Sarah became pregnant two years later and she gave birth to twins. Sarah's life dramatically changed as she had to quit her job and spend her time raising her children. She spent eleven years raising them and finally agreed to let them go and start their journey as trainers. Sarah was always the doting mother, always calling her children whenever she could and making sure that they got many care packages that would be filled with all sorts of items to make their journey easier. While her husband still worked Sarah found her life very empty. Without anyone to clean up after and with very little chores to do she began to find other ways to occupy her time and even decided to buy a Torchic as a pet.

    The two bonded and eventually came a day when Sarah was watching Sinnoh league take place on television and watched as one of her children, Mark, participated. While Mark did lose she continued to watch and saw the other trainers continue to battle. She felt a fire stir in her heart as she watched others doing something that seemed so simple. With a passion re lite in her heart Sarah decided to try her hand at battling. She began to train her Torchic, Blaze, to become strong. Every weekend she would go to the pokemon center and battle against trainers passing through. At first she lost most of her battles, but she continued on and eventually began to beat some of the trainers. Soon enough Blaze had evoloved into a Combusken. Sarah finally worked up the courage to inform Stuart that she would be leaving for a pokemon journey. Stuart accepted her decision and Sarah began to researching various pokemon that she would want to train and finally decided on training fighting types since every lady needs some strong pokemon by their side. She traveled around with Blaze with the sheer intent of not battling the gyms, but just finding strong pokemon to train to give her something to do.

    She came across a rather brute Tyrogue that she managed to catch and discipline to the point that he began to respect her. Sarah then left to the Kanto region and came across a Primeape that she too managed to catch. At this point in time Sarah was approached by a mysterious figure who invited her on board the S.S. Anne. Sarah was ecstatic. She could meet many trainers and also be able to travel around the world as well! She now waits for the famous ship to come around and for the next part of her journey to begin.


    Species: Blaziken
    Nickname: Blaze
    Level: 37
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Moveset: Pound, Bulk Up, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Double Kick
    Personality: Blaze is a cautious and well mannered pokemon. Ever since his days as a Torchic he had been taught by Sarah how to treat female pokemon and even learned how to have table manners. He is not the pokemon that will attack a fallen foe and has a good sense of chivalry.
    Short Bio: Blaze was first purchased by Sarah from a store with the intent on being a pet. During his early days Blaze was spoiled by Sarah, who saw him as a replacement for her two children. While Blaze did enjoy the attention he eventually grew bored and was more than excited when Sarah took him out to start battling. Due to all the time she researched what moves he could learn as well as having him watch other Torchics battling helped him learn different battling strategies. Blaze is loyal to Sarah and makes sure to stay by her side, especially when they go to new places.

    Species: Hitmonchan
    Nickname: Tim
    Level: 27
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Moveset: Mach Punch, Agility, Bulk Up, Double Team
    Personality: Tim is one of Sarah's fastest pokemon, and he'll make sure you'll know it! The minute he's let out and Sarah lays out the plan he is off! He won't stop attacking his enemy until they lie on the ground before him. Tim will always make sure he is faster and with his use of favorite move, Agility, he will leave you in the dust.
    Short Bio: Tim was captured as a Tyrogue when Sarah managed to come across him. Being very rare of course she wanted to capture him! Tim proved to be a bit much for Blaze and when he saw that Sarah was persistent, he began to have some fun and taunted the two. Sarah kept after him as he would approach the two every so often just to use unfair tactics to keep knocking Blaze down. Sarah and Blaze thus concocted their own trap and managed to beat the Tyrogue at his own game. With Sarah's training he eventually evolved into a Hitmonchan and has been traveling with her since.

    Species: Primeape
    Nickname: Yipper
    Level: 28
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Moveset: Scratch, Pound, Bulk Up, Seismic Toss, Rage, Karate Chop
    Personality: Yipper is an easily enraged Primape. Say one thing about him and he'll be on you faster than you can blink. He doesn't care if he damages property or if anyone is harmed in the chaos, as long as he can punch your face in, then that's all that matters to him. Yipper likes to eye the ladies and if he finds a girl he likes he will eagerly show her how strong he is and call for a date. Even if he is pushed away he will just try harder to prove how strong of a man he is for her.
    Short Bio: Yipper is a Primeape that can't stay away from the ladies no matter how hard he tries. In fact that was why a farmer was asking trainers that passed by his house if they could get rid of the monkey. Every time he was defeated he would just keep coming back. After a brief battle with Blaze Yipper was once more down for the count and Sarah took the time to capture him. The Primeape is actually very eager to get on the ship since he was told there will be other pokemon on board then there are bound to be some ladies there as well!
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