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Danielle Accola - Outside; Inside Pokemon Center

“Kay, I need to go heal my Pokemon first, guys...then we can go eat.” Danielle said. “I'm starving too!”

The group finally exited the forest, and decided to enter the Pokemon Center. The sun finally sets on this first day on Oak Island, and the Pokemon Academy as it's now getting darker. Danielle felt like today was very wild, having to battled many times, meet many friends, as well as meet new Pokemon. She then I needed to heal her Pokemon, mainly Ozzy and her newly named Yanma, Sector. As she approached the counter, she gave the nurse two of the Pokeballs. Mienfoo didn't need to be healed, as he wasn't damaged enough while he battled Mark's Pokemon.

As she gives the Pokemon away, she faces the group. She then releases Mienfoo from her Pokeball so it can get some air after staying in there for so long. Mienfoo stretched out, and glances at Danielle, still a bit mad about earlier. He crossed his arms, and turned away.

“Mienfoo, please. You need to face the fact that you're gonna have to work together now. You have Ozzy and Sector now, they're your...brothers.” Danielle said, kneeling down to confront Mienfoo.

“Foo.” Mienfoo smirked.

“Well, what would you react if Lucia had me train Tyro for a while? You two are good friends, aren't you?” Danielle remembered when Tyro and Mienfoo were talking and blabbing together when they first met. “Would you get jealous?”

Mienfoo stood there without a word.

Danielle sighed, she's trying everything to convince Mienfoo and get him to understand the fact that he's not the only Pokemon of her's anymore. With absolutely no choice, she decides to return him to his Pokeball. “We'll talk later, return.” She stood up to find the group still there. But the nurse had called her up already to tell her that Ozzy and Sector had been healed already. She thanked the nurse as she obtained the two Pokeballs, both being placed inside her purse.

She came back to the group, feeling a bit depressed. But she intends to try to hide her sadness as she thinks about heading over to the cafeteria. She is hungry, after all. “I'm ready to go, guys!”

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