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    Isaac & Orion

    "Ok Raizer thats start this off fast, Quick Attack." Isaac ordered.

    Raizer nodded then sprinted at Jakio. Before impact he jumped over Jakio and struck downward instead of directly. It was a good idea, but Jakio duckde forward and went under Raizer. At the same time he landed a nasty metal claw to Raizer's belly.

    "Nice counter. Now Jakio hone claws." Orion comanded.

    Jakio slashed his claws together and sent sparks flying as he did probably from his metal claw attack. Raizer got back to his feet and eyes the charmeloen.

    "Raizer smokescreen." Isaac said quickly.

    Raizer breathed a plume of black smoke everywhere and extingushed the fire on his back. Meanwhile Jakio was forced to leave his burning giving himself away. Raizer's sleek black overcoat hid him perfecly int he cloud. Before the cloud had disapated Raizer burrowed underground and headed towards Jakio.

    "Ya know Isaac I prefer to actually see my battles." Orion muttered as the smoke obsurced the entire battlefield.
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