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    UMC Water LeafGreen 2nd and FINAL Update

    -Got all the way to Cinnibar before I realized I forgot to take out Sabrina, so backtracked to do that. She was taken out easily with Brooke and Horace
    -Got back to Cinnibar, did the whole Mansion thing, and then (completely unsurprisingly) took out Blaine with zero issue
    -Did the stuff on the Side Quest Islands for the XP
    -Giovanni was even easier than Blaine. Taught Brooke Earthquake
    -Had enough money to buy the TM for Thunderbolt from the Game Corner to teach to Lionel
    -Taught Greyjoy Rain Dance and Blizzard because if the fight against Clay right before Victory Road is any indication, his Venusaur is going to be tough to beat when he’s champion
    -Grinded everyone up to Lv. 55, then took on the E4!

    -Lionel, Horace, and Davos took out Lorelei with no issue at all
    -Horace almost swept Bruno but got taken out by Machamp so Davos came in and finished the job
    -Brooke, Lionel, and Greyjoy took out Agatha
    -Lionel dominated Lance (with a little help from Horace)
    -Clay wasn’t TOO bad. There were some revives and full restores thrown around but not too too many. Greyjoy was the obvious star, with his weather war with Venusaur


    The Team:

    Brooke the Blastoise ♀, Lv.55 @ BlackGlasses

    Davos the Poliwrath ♂, Lv.55
    Ability: Damp
    -Brick Break

    Horace the Slowbro ♂, Lv.55 @ Quick Claw
    Ability: Own Tempo

    Greyjoy the Tentacruel ♂, Lv.55
    Ability:Clear Body
    -Rain Dance
    -Giga Drain

    Lionel the Lapras ♂, Lv.56
    Abilityhell Armor
    -Confuse Ray
    -Ice Beam

    HM Slaves:
    Campbell the Paras: Flash
    CH'DING the Farfetch'd: Cut, Fly