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    Originally Posted by TrackerXNinjaX View Post
    This game looks amazing, and the work you put in must be immense. Good job^^
    Thanks ^^
    Originally Posted by heisadog View Post
    this game is amazing but i can't save...
    please tell me how to save

    it always says "save failed"

    Pokemon Deep Balance
    [EOFError, "End of file reached", ["Section057:2095:in `oldload'", "Section057:2095:in `load'", "Section104:233:in `pbTryLoadFile'", "Section104:229:in `open'", "Section104:229:in `pbTryLoadFile'", "Section104:291:in `pbStartLoadScreen'", "Section139:6:in `main'", "Section146:38:in `mainFunctionDebug'", "Section146:15:in `mainFunction'", "Section146:15:in `pbCriticalCode'", "Section146:15:in `mainFunction'", "Section146:48", "Section146:47:in `loop'", "Section146:56"]]
    i have this problem... how to fix it... please
    Do you still get this message? Try deleting your savefile and let the game create a new one, I think that will solve the problem.

    Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been working on the Ultimate BW Pack the last two days and as I'm using it in my fangame, this teaser of the pack gives a good impression of what to expect from the next beta. Forms are added and all sprites are animated again. The screensize has of course been changed since I constantly update to the latest version of Essentials.

    I am aware of the fact that the B2W2 sprites are messed up, I'll try to fix these ASAP.