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Victoria “Alys” Taimor – Dalenham

Victoria handed four copper pieces to the waitress once she had placed the Fire Ale in front of her, nodding her head slightly in a gesture of gratitude before taking the sack of silver that was intended for her. Looking over at Ava counting the coins, ten in total, Victoria assumed that they were all given the same amount and pocketed the bag of coins without counting. Ten silver would be enough to fill her quiver of arrows, even allow her to indulge in some more exotic arrows like Miracyian Flexwood arrow shafts that curve at the apex of their flight path, or perhaps Mindirion lead arrow heads, strong and durable, that also leach water from the victim’s body; even a small gash enough to make a muscle fail. She was sure she could find a Rastran merchant within the mass of stalls outside that sold Desert Scorpion venom she could lather the tips of her arrows with.

The possibilities were rather endless, but she needed to make sure she stayed sustained so she could work; least she not get work in the coming weeks. Taking a swig of the Fire Ale, she felt the spicy liquid tingle on her tongue before sliding down her throat. After a while, the ale left it’s hot residue on the back of her throat and Victoria shivered as the familiar sensation of a slight burning tingling warmed the back of her throat bringing back memories of Rowanion.

“So what now? Do we part ways?” came Ava’s voice from beside Victoria, stirring up her memories of drinking with the locals of Rowanion and bringing her back to the present. “I have no plans for the months to come, do you?”

Victoria looked at Ava as if to say ‘you don’t mean to join as a band of mercenaries, do you?’ while she was with some pretty amazing people, Victoria was too used to working by herself and being with other people would either slow her down, he make her less independent. “All I’m doing is looking for work, if you’re offering any, I’d happily accept it.” She needed to get by in this world, and any work was money.