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Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
I doubt it. They packed a ton of features into B2/W2, which should keep players busy for a while, or at least content. All the Legendary Pokemon, the World Tournament, it just seems like these games are serving as the grand finale of the DS games. Plus, we never know what spinoff games will come soon, which I still kind of expect a 3D battling game for the Wii or WiiU, but who knows...
Gen 5 still lacks of full-team Gym Leader rematches and following Pokemon feature which could be saved for R/S remakes. World Tournament doesn't have to mean end of DS, because it's just "third game" addition like Battle Frontiers.

Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
You can't really argue timeline because Gen V is split up between 2 years. Also, Giovanni is no longer a gym leader, so his appearance in the tournament is strictly as a former gym leader, as Blue fills that role now, yet is in the Champions Tournament. Wallace was included because he has officially served as champion before, same as Alder. If anything, it appears this Champions Tournament is for former Champions. So it would be difficult to say this is canon unless these leaders and champions don't have to have that title to participate. (Take Blue and Red, they can't both be champion because Red beat Blue for the title.)
Yes, it's for former Gym Leaders and Champions, but lack of Koga makes me think it's canon because he's Elite Four now, so he can't be present as Gym Leader anymore. And because Steven introduces himself as official Champion in HG/SS, Wallace couldn't be Champion yet, meaning R/S/E around gen 5 timeline. Good reason to remake R/S in gen 5.