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    A hack of: FireRed Version


    I assume most of you are familiar with me. My name is Teejermiester, I lurk around the progressing hacks a lot and this is my hack, Pokemon Crimson. The hack is in a relatively early stage, and therefore the thread is in an early stage. I will update this thread continually, so you'll have a good idea of what is going on in the hack. While that is happening, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    I have uploaded a couple of hacks in the past, but none got anywhere due to my mediocre hacking skills. However, as you can see, I have improved by a very large margin and this hack will be of the highest quality I can put out. I have tried to create a unique, almost cartoony graphical style.

    UPDATE: I finally got around to writing some CSS. Leave your thoughts, I know its a bit... er, colorful, but I like it.


    Thousands of years ago, a young boy named Brendan went up against Team Magma and Team Aqua in the Hoenn region... and lost. Groudon and Kyogre were awakened, and they went rampant, unable to be controlled by their intended masters. For a hundred years Kyogre would wash away the continents with the sea, and Groudon would rise mountains out of the ocean. Eventually, the fighting between Groudon and Kyogre ended, leaving the world terraformed and humanity desolated while the Guardians slept.

    Three beasts took pity on humanity, however, and led them back to the old ways of civilization. They made sure they remembered their past and retained the knowledge of their ancestors.

    These beasts were Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

    Now, decades later, these legends have faded away into stories and lore. Humanity has regained its foothold on Earth, but Earth has millenia before it recovers. The endless sea is prominent on the new world, with people living on small islands that stick out of the land haphazardly. Pokemon and people live in peace here, with the flora and fauna of the islands becoming constantly more unique and differing from other islands and areas.

    Now, your adventure starts. Following in the footsteps of the ancestors, you will have many challenges and adventures.

    Not far into your adventure, you find some mysterious people who call themselves The Lyst. Their purpose is to restore the legendary beasts to the Xephos Islands in order to bring humanity back to its original state of innocence and honor. No one knows who is controlling them, or how they plan to achieve this goal.

    You must use the many people around you, the remains of the ancestors, and your own wits to unravel the twisted story of Crimson. Good luck on your adventure.


    - A pokedex consisting of ~200 Pokemon, consisting of gen I - V Pokemon
    - An all new adventure in a new region (see below)
    - New, unique and in-depth characters
    - Tie-ins to online resources, such as journals and information on a separate website
    - Mild to Difficult puzzles involving an ancient language that you decipher (the difficult ones aren't required for the story in any way)
    - A unique, fun, interesting story with its own style that has many possibilities to change and many different outcomes



    Thank Oshawott for the Pokedex. He's amazing.



    Xephos: The Ancient Archipelago

    (Isun Town is located in the Southwest corner of the island chain.)


    Q: When is the Beta released?
    A: No clue whatsoever. I pretty much stopped progress on this hack, so depending on whether or not I get back into the groove, it could be a month, or 5.

    Q: Can I beta test?
    A: Yeah, go for it. I'll post a list of people who ask me and I will have a beta-testing session a few days before release to work out major bugs.

    Q: OMG what about SuRf guiz?
    A: I'll figure that out when testing the game. If I find that it's OP, I'll do something about it. But for now, I'm not going to worry about it.


    None at the moment.


    Beta 1: (Two Gym)

    Mapping: ||||||||||
    Scripting: ||||||||||
    Tiles: ||||||||||
    Storywriting: ||||||||||
    Sprites: ||||||||||
    Music: ||||||||||
    (There actually aren't any musical changes in Beta 1... but there will be later.)

    Total: ||||||||||

    Beta Testers:
    Beet Tester



    HTML Code:


    Zunex/Cope/Zelix/Tarev/Patrick and all the other wonderful spriters at Whack a Hack: Tiles
    Chaosrush: Pokemon Sprites
    Oshawott: Sprite Inserting + PokeDex in this thread.
    mavy42: banner


    Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||