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    World Map

    Well I decided to upload the World Map, I will place it in the spoiler below :D

    Region Info
    Dyloma is a somewhat tropical region north east of Sinnoh. Similar to Sinnoh Dyloma has a huge mountain range that splits Dyloma into two parts but unlike Sinnoh it is completely impassable. The only way to get across to the other side of the region is by taking a train from the Metrostation. Dyloma has 15 cities/towns and many areas of interests including a moor, a valley that was devastated be a group of Tyranitar, natural waterfalls, etc. Dyloma has smaller islands to the east of it (hences the name Isles of Dyloma)

    Due to the "Regigigas incident" (An anime reference. Back in Sinnoh Regigigas was awaken and went on rampage in an area near Snowpoint City) landmasses from surrounding areas became Icebergs and floated all around the world. A few made their way to Dyloma but only 2 were catalogued by
    X-fficials. Iceberg VII made it all the way to mainland Dyloma and wedged itself between two major parts of region causing further segmentation. Iceberg XIII drifted all the way to Minora Beach causing the beach to be unusable.

    On the left side of Iceberg VII is the "rich" side of the Dyloma region. This side contains the some of wealthiest people in the Dyloma.(Hence the unconventional names for the cities). Leaf Crest is home to the Aire family (the last of the remaining noble families). Chez Soliel or Home of Sun is a resort destination that tourists from all the world flock to visit. (This city is based off of Cité Soleil that was ravished by the earthquake in Haiti back in 2010)

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