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    I am working with my Nidoking that I hatched myself and am trying to find a moveset that will allow him to be able to stand his ground against other Pokemon that are his weakness. If you don't know, his weaknesses are:

    Water / Ice / Ground / Psychic

    This is how he looks currently:

    Lv. 59

    Ability - Poison Point

    HP - 185
    Attack - 130
    Defense - 117
    Sp. Atk - 120
    Sp. Def - 99
    Speed - 141

    Head Smash <-- Bred into him
    Megahorn <-- to combat Psychic-types

    I don't know too much about IV's or EV's but I am getting the basics down for EV training I just don't really worry about it much at all. Advice would be appreciated. I was thinking of teaching him Thunderbolt but I'm not too sure...
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