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    Well, I cleared the main story. The fact of losing my team shocked me a lot at the point of thinking: This is really happening!? Because you put effort and time training your army and it's like throwing all to the trash can. Imagine ev training your team in B&W and, after completing the main story, you start over again, but with the evolutions, sweet and sour. It's ok to start from 0 in the episodes, but would be great continue the main story without relation with the episodes. Done, let's deal with it. I've done some episodes; they were somewhat easy with the exception of Hideyoshi's episode. This one was somewhat hard. Conquering Nobunaga's army was pretty much easy than Shingen's army. What I can't understand is why the system doesn’t allow me to continue an episode after clearing it. There's a way to continue playing in a cleared episode?