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Originally Posted by iPika View Post
Checklist: Harder and Complicated E4 teams
More places to explore
Balanced stats...
Gangster up the Pokemon and stats of trainers

Which ROM do you like as a base eg. Fire Red

Thanks guys... Anything else that you think would be great in a hack? Do you want more gen 4 and 5 Pokemon?
For me, I enjoy when the game poses a realistic challenge.
Take for example, Light Platinum. The game was fun in the beginning, as you couldn't just sweep everything in your path.

But the game soon became too easy for me after the second gym. My Electabuzz sweeped the Water-based third Gym, and later my other Pokemon sweeped the remaining gyms. So I'd say to keep the gym leaders' Pokemon level high.

I also suggest a difficulty spike around level 27-36 to prevent the game from becoming too easy, as there is when you expect most players to have fully evolved their Pokemon, meaning they will have more stats. This is even without their EV gain in mind.

Something else that irked me in Light Platinum was how the rivals and gym leaders in the second region would limit themselves to about 3 Pokemon, this in turn makes the battle a cakewalk.

If you want to see some difficult post-game content you should check Life of Guardian. The post-game there usually revolves around either fighting fakemon with insanely high stats or fighting several series of many trainers with extremely high-leveled Pokemon.
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