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  • Hello but I'm sure this is a sort of FAQ but how can I patch Pokémon Throwback on a LeafGreen 1.0 USA ROM?
    Good morning!

    Just wanted to say thanks for such an incredible rom. I haven't played pokemon/video games in years and your rom update has been a wonderful experience during this trying time.

    Question: do you still have an intentions onto expanding the current game? I see in your Celebii notes that it will play a role in future developments/incorporation of the Hoenn region? Would love to see what you could come up with/connect.

    Thanks again,
    Also, the Hall-of-Fame special 0x110 (at 0x080CA2E4) does skip the confirmation box before saving, but whatever it does to save, it doesn't seem to call any common subroutines from the other functions. Seems like it would be tough to decouple it from other Hall of Fame functionality.

    (Sorry for large braindump ;))
    So I've made a few attempts at this...

    Calling 0x806F924 directly displays an empty textbox, but does nothing. Calling each subroutine up from there brings up respectively the save data box (Dex, Badges, Time, etc.) and a YES/NO choice box, but none do any saving.

    On the other hand, calling the next subroutine down (save_game_via_menu_while_dont_turn_off_the_power_is_shown at 0x0806F940) does save the game, but only partially: When loading the save, the map shows up corrupted and the game freezes when trying to move (interestingly, Pokémon data, options and map music seem to be saved and loaded correctly). Correction! This routine does save the game correctly, only showing some graphical map glitches on-screen when the save is loaded again (like so) - these return to normal once you enter/exit a warp.

    My guess is the game already begins saving data before the player presses "YES", and that this is lost. If this is the case, doing a save-from-script routine is probably going to be a lot more complicated to make sure all data is saved in the right order. :/

    Special 0x5D clearly has the closest thing to the intended behaviour, but it would be neat to be able to skip the confirmation box. Too bad nobody's worked this out yet.
    Hey, thanks a lot for the faster-saving tweak in the Quick R&D thread!
    Did you by any chance figure out while investigating which ASM routine is called in FR to actually perform the saving (i.e. the routine that brings up the "Saving... Don't turn off the power" box)?
    He just wanted to treat himself and is ready for a night on the town!
    Could you help me add in Gen II fanfares 'BadgeGet' and 'SpecialGet'? I tried the old ones from your source and I guess they need to be updated if they're to be used for the latest version of your hack.
    Indeed, I try to repoint GB sounds data but keeps me giving me issues. Hope you can do something else better!

    PS. That version is outdated, I sent you once more latest more stable version again. Thanks!
    How have you been? Hope u're doing fine... So sorry to not aswering you that soon, I was ending some romhack details in order to send you a clean and rightful edition. So, I sent you to your inbox an IPS patch with the game, I hope you can see what's going on, I would really much like to have this engine about GB-Sounds but not losing my others songs u know.. (the rom got a checkvar 40F6 to see if you are in Kanto or Johto to set the proper song). I might tell you further details if you want, do you have Skype or so?

    Thanks in advance!
    I have used a lot of free space! but there's some at some pointers, I think enough to move this tool. Want me to send you an ips patch and take a look?
    Hey, thanks for replying.
    And no, I'm just trying to make that tool avaliable in my hack but it turns that touches some offset already occupied, so It doesn't work right. I was trying to research those directions in order to redirect but I'm not that sure how this "Gb sounds" works, besides when u play of course. Is there any time when u could help me a lil bit?

    Thank u anyway!
    Hey! Everything allright? Do you have by any chance your first patch the one that put just the gb sounds item?
    Your right, sorry about that. And quick question this has probably been ask but how come the Pokemon location.
    I think i found a little error or something when i was applying the decap patch brock's Dialogue has a little error at the end of the sentence when explaining the tm.
    Is this guy's issue really that you don't have Mew or Celebi in your hack?
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