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    The boy shook his head modestly. "Yuh-hou luh-like Bug types," he commented. "Theh-There's nuh-nothing wruh-wrong with knuh-knowing uh-honly whuh-what you luh-like. Vuh-Volca ih-his an uh-unusual eh-eh-henemy anyhow." He smiled. "Heh-he's ah-an idiot whuh-ho charges headfuh-first without luh-luh-looking back."

    Pala called out gently. "My turn, my turn!" Skye shook his head and patted her on the ears. She stuck out his tongue at him, something she had to have learned from his Zorua. Rama remained calmly by Holly, occasionally scratching one ear.

    Skye gave Nika a cheerful smile. "Duh-Don't wuh-worry. Ih-Ih-It's normal for truh-trainers to wuh-horry about theh-their pah-partners a-hand their fuh-fights." He held out a hand. "Leh-Let's duh-do it again suh-sometime."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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