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    Originally Posted by personz5 View Post
    good luck also may i suggest that make a option to choose a team like team rocket magma aqua etc well good luck hope you dont quit on it
    I'm not exactly sure if I will do that but I was planning on adding DLC to the game. SO after it's first launch you will be able to download extra content and that content may bring a new team!! And don't worry I'm definitely NOT quiting on this game!


    I dont know, if many people say it's too bright then I guess I'll change it. It's not so hard. Although the reason I like this bright grass is because I thought that it would give a more lively feel to the game if everything was bright and there were pokemon flying around.


    Since I lost my previous project I'll be posting new screenies of what I have so far. I have made more progress than before!! Check the screenies again for an updated everything!