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Originally Posted by parallelzero View Post
Oh good, I was waiting for someone to make a thread. I was going to when the episode aired on Saturday... but got lazy.

Anyways, the first episode was really promising and I don't have as many doubts as most of the community seem to about the quality. I'm still not sure why people are complaining about the one thing that's similar to .hack, though. I mean, so many anime rip off each other time and time again, yet the trapped-in-an-MMO thing has only really been used by SAO and .hack in anime.
I waited until I actually caught up with the published stuff before doing this just in case. XD

Yeah, I think it's just people trying to be elitist about the whole thing. Heck I liked the .Hack series in general (Hence the Azure in my username from "Balmung of the Azure Sky") but I'm trying to judge each by their own merits.

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Also, why do all the girls look like Inori?
It's animated by A-1 studios but produced by Aniplex...that's the only connection I can make. Although artists do borrow designs at times. You can compare the Light Novel Illustrations though if you'd like.

Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
Ya, I read through the most of the translated light novels sometime in the middle of the school year, and got pretty pumped at the anime announcement. I expect the order will end up being Intro, Aria in the Starless Night (Kirito meets Asuna + 1st floor boss), Volume 2 in chronological order, and finish up volume 1, which I'm seeing as probably 12 - 13 episodes, which means that the chances that we get to Fairy Dance are pretty high, though unfortunately probably no Phantom Bullet (in which I hope they do their research if they do it)

My biggest issue is that there IS a harem that ends up forming around Kirito, though the fact that Kawahara Reki already apologized for that in the author notes for v.2, and the later events of volume 1 let me forgive that.
The calculations in other places I've seen is that 15 Episodes could be SAO while the rest of the 11 Episodes slated would be ALO. Pretty much gives ample time for some Volume 2 Side Stories.

Yeah, but Kirito x Asuna is the OTP by WOG after all. Heck the whole reason for ALO is because of this. XD

Still the author DOES poke fun at this harem in "There is but one ultimate way" non-canon side-story. XDDD
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