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I have been Buuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssssy!
Attending OMGcon, learning to program Java, C++, so on.

Game related:
Earlier I said I was thinking of making a hack based on this RP.
What was on hand for it at present did not sustain what I intend to do.

So I decided to go RMXP and get the essentials kit.
The features I plan to add are basic trainer health, food and hydration.
Medicine Mixing or herbology to put blankly among other ideas.
I also plan to make the region VAST and DEEP, so I'm also offering anyone interested in shaping the region, drop me a line.

Other business, WELCOME BACK Tokushi Akio!!
Well, E&S didn't win the last RPA quater....
Oh well XD, always another day and other ideas to pull forth.