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Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
So novels can't be written poorly?
Poorly written novels have a tendency to not make it to the point of getting an anime for being, well, poorly written. Mostly threw that down there since I didn't have stats immediately on hand, and wanted to note that it indeed has consistency. It also doesn't really help much if i just say "It's good" and didn't have any rankings on hand at the time.

So I finally found a ranking for light novels to use as a statistic. Sword Art online was ranked as the #4 light novel in 2011, and rose to #1 in 2012, probably due to the anime announcement and anticipation. In addition, for MAL's top manga list (take that as you will), SAO (light novel) holds the rank of #7 at an average rating of 9.01 of 825 users as of now.

Also, a PSP game got announced.
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