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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
The calculations in other places I've seen is that 15 Episodes could be SAO while the rest of the 11 Episodes slated would be ALO. Pretty much gives ample time for some Volume 2 Side Stories.

Yeah, but Kirito x Asuna is the OTP by WOG after all. Heck the whole reason for ALO is because of this. XD

Still the author DOES poke fun at this harem in "There is but one ultimate way" non-canon side-story. XDDD
But ya, the 12-13 estimate was so it can end the season with a good conclusion, and open up Fairy Dance in the Fall 2012 season.

My estimate for the storyline will be as so: (spoiler tags mostly for chrono order and names of the stories, otherwise harmless)

1 Introduction
2 First Day?
3-4 Aria in Starless Night
5 Red-Nosed Reindeer
6 Black Swordsman
7 Warmth of the Heart
8-10 Continue with Vol. 1
11 Morning Dew Girl
12-13 Finish Vol. 1

And other of the side-stories could probably be worked in as well
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