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Originally Posted by Grandpa Freeman View Post
jirachi 2hkos ferrothorn with fire punch and i can easily predict a set up move and double switch to anything i want to, maybe salamence to even get a free dragon dance also mamoswine is usually lead so it can easily beat physical walls with focus sash if they decide to come in i don't see how lum berry is better on salamence other than to stop outrage confusion but salamence is for wall breaking with moxie so dragon gem outrage can get salamence a moxie boost easier
Lum Berry can also heal burns or paralysis. Jellicent takes 69.8% - 82.43% from a Dragon Gem boosted Outrage and can easily burn you with Will-O-Wisp. Ferrothorn can inflict paralysis etc. When it comes down to it Lum > Gem.

But looking at your other posts you're not going to take suggestions so idc really
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