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    N00b here lol, hope this is good enough
    Full Name: Orenji
    Age (16+): 18
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Lavender Town
    Appearance: Entire bright orange ensemble, complete with jacket, running shoes, and cargo pants. about 6 foot even, black hair and brown eyes, with a tan complexion.
    Personality: Orenji is exactly the opposite of what was expected of a person coming from Lavender Town. He is quite upbeat, brave, and always has a smile on his face. When asked about any fears or phobias, he happily replied: "When you have lived next to the Tower for 18 years, what is fear?" Obviously he has had some trauma associated with the Tower, was unable to find the underlying cause. Happy-go-lucky demeanor possible front put up for others. Also very adamant on protecting others and dispelling others fears. Fear seems to be a significant part of his life, or rather his overcoming of it.

    Biography: Orenji is an orphan from Lavender Town, dropped at the orphanage as a newborn by an Officer Jenny who found him at the base of Lavender Tower. As he grew up he seemed immune to the town's dreary disposition, he even tried cheering people up as a child. His most succesful method would be hosting mini battle tournaments, albiet he never exactly won till he got older. While it didn't exactly help mourners who have lost their pokemon, they appreciated the effort, and would often tell stories to the young orphan of big epic battles, and even the occasional gym leader that came to pay respects would teach him a thing or two about batltling. He soon became the town's most famous boy, at the age of ten he did everything is his power to help and cheer up the residents, his fellow orphans, and even the tourists who were in mourning. Often he would pay respects to the fallen at Lavender Tower. Not only that but he took the Kanto gym challenge with a Togepi given to him by Mr.Fuji, so that he could be happy no matter the results of the challange. They had a strong bond indeed, and its Metronome wasnt bad either. However he didnt finish due to the fact that his town needed him. One day while cleaning up an abandoned house he spotted an oddly colored washing machine, one that seemed to enjoy spraying him with tons of water, spraying others, and even spraying himself. The revealed Rotom was laughing so much he didnt notice the Togepi using Leaf Blade via Metronome. Not that it cared much, it took the hit like nothing, in fact it tickled, so much that he could help but jump up and down in unbridled laughter, to the point where it didnt even notice getting cuaght. Both Pokemon became valued assets, with the newly christened Maytec being a Tank that could hit back, and the Togepi being named Angel after the happiness it shared. It didnt like to battle, but it was somehow a powerhouse. Years later, the townspeople reported random pokemon being poisoned or burned or just plain angry. Orenji, Maytec and Angel in tow, decided to investigate. The culprit was found to be a hungry Sableye, burning those who didnt have food for it. An hour or two (and several Pecha Berries) later, the Sableye was caught, and named Troll, due to its nature of angering those it didnt like. He found Troll difficult to work with, until he got a Nugget as a gift from a salesman. Troll eagerly munched on the rare object, and became more friendly than ever, until he was hungry again. It became a system, food, for Troll to be less of a coward. After many battles with tourists, a couple of gym challenges, and several lessons from cheered up gym leaders (Brock, Falkner, Roxxane, Roark, and even Cress of Unova)The fact the he brought at least some light to the infamously spooky town made him adored by everyone there, and a Maniac even gave him a gargantuan amount of jewles, ores, and stones. Eventually all the other people raised money to send him on a hero's vacation.

    Species: Rotom-W
    Nickname: Maytec
    Level: 30
    Gender: None
    Ability: Levitate
    Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch
    Personality: Maytec, the 2nd of Orenjis team, while not the sharpest crayon in the crayola box, is never anything but fun loving, and is good for a laugh no matter the occasion. It will not rest till someone laughs, and is attracted to comedic situations. Often considered the dim witted tank of the group, in battles it dishes out hits with power, and can take a beating better than any pokemon Orenji has seen.

    Species: Sableye (secretly holds an Iron Ball)
    Nickname: Troll
    Level: 25
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Prankster
    Moveset: Trick, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Taunt
    Personality: Troll is most recent catch and the schemer of the group, always having an ulterior motive or plan in place. However he is also a coward, never battling unless angered or bribed with gems by Orenji. Will often use Maytec as the muscle for various pranks and schemes, despite his frustrations with the washing machine's lack of intelligence. Is secretly a glutton for gems and ores, will do anything for them.

    Species: Togekiss
    Nickname: Angel
    Level: 40
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Moveset: Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Roost, Heal Bell
    Personality: Angel was the first pokemon given to Orenji by Mr.Fuji, and has the strongest bond with him.The mother and caretaker of the group, is also the powerhouse, capable of sweeping teams with ease. She loves giving happiness to others, and chastises Troll for his exploitation of Maytec, and is very patient with the washing machine. Has nothing but love for Orenji and is very affectionate. Despite being the strongest, she dislikes violence, and will only battle if directly confronted or if Orenji begs and pleads.
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