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Hey guys! I'm making another hack! :) It's going to be a hack of Fire Red. But with many more features. Rivals from different regions. Rare Pokémon as soon as you start the game. Day/Night System, also rematches. But the most best of all, Hoenn! You will be able to travel from Littleroot Town to Rustboro. Maybe a few more. There are a total of 16 Gym leaders in Kanto. This is because Kanto is quite small compared to others. There will still be the Sevii Isles!

I also hope that you will find the current beta very fun, as it goes up to Pewter City! This is short because it's only been a few days since i've started working on this hack.

  • A whole new Rival!
  • Gym Leaders are rematchable, even stronger nomally.
  • Battle every Gym Leader in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn! (Every single Gym Leader can easily be added, but I would have to insert new Pokémon and the there wouldn't be a 386 Hack, but i'll take it into consideration.
  • Visit a little of Hoenn.
  • Wild Pokémon have been changed, large amaounts of different species can be found in one area.
  • All trainers edited...!
  • A little extention to Kanto! (Cities and Routes..)
  • Elite Four members have stronger teams all th way up to 80-100
  • National Dex available early in game!
  • All 386 Pokémon obtainable...
  • 8 More Gyms!

Evolution Changes

Not Implemented right now in current beta, when added will add to this part.

Bugs, Glitches
  • When Prof. Oak's Aide gives you the upgrade, if you talk to him right after he will upgrade it again. However he will disappear if you enter another area.

Beta 0.1

(Out Now!)

That's about it! See you soon!
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