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    Originally Posted by NightkymZ View Post
    Yea...It seem good...
    So the first beta finally out...
    Gonna work hard on nest beta.
    I heard you is a scripter,can guide me how to make a script and insert it.
    I dont know how.If can help me,pm me
    For the author of dk,thanks...
    As, Sarcastic Prince said you should check this one out well, I'll Pm you anyway...

    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    this hack looks nice, but screenshots 1-6 looks kind of plain. like its empty. and why dont you focus on making beta 1 perfect instead of working on beta 2?
    That's what were doing right know silly , and by you mean screenshots the one's in the first page?

    Also were doing some things for BETA 2 so that after this, we'll be able to work on it much easily...

    They're old for you to know, there are newer ones in previous pages...